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This wiki is about the craft and art of bobbin lace and how to create it. Where Wikipedia has encyclopedic type of articles about bobbin lace, here we can walk an extra mile with those who want to learn the tricks of the craft.

Bobbin lace, also called bone lace or pillow lace, is an ancient fiber art that dates back to the 16th[1] century, and it is one of the major methods by which lace was made before the industrial revolution. It is made by winding thread onto many small bobbins, which are then woven and plaited around pins placed into a specially made pillow. The art was first developed in Genoa[2] , and then spread all across Europe and England, with a wide variety of styles being developed.

Bobbin lace is no longer a major industry, but is practiced by hobbyists and artists across Europe, England, American, and Australia. If handmade lace sold to tourists is bobbin lace, it is usually produced in Asia.

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