Wikipedia categorizes various types of lace from an identification point of view. This overview looks at didactic aspects.

There is not a single type of lace that is suitable for beginners, but there are groups with more and less advanced types. You may like the esthetics of some type of lace, but get bored or over-challenged while making it. So try various different types to discover your cup of tea.
  • Torchon is a good preparation for the laces cataloged as continental. For example it has only two pairs per pin where Flanders reduces the Rose Ground to a single pin thus having four pairs per pin. Thus a more advanced Torchon feature becomes a basic feature of Flanders.
  • Braid or tape laces require less bobbins than the above styles, but they require sewings. Within this group Scheeberg, Idria and Russian are less challenging than Milanese or Hinojosa.