Torchon is a continuous style of bobbin lace. It's designed on a 45ยบ grid, with the ground worked at the same time as the motif.

It is often the first style taught to a beginner, as the geometric designs avoid many of the difficulties brought up in more complicated styles. It also generally uses fewer bobbins and thicker threads than other


Torchon lace is one of the oldest forms of bobbin lace, and was made widely in most lace-producing regions in Europe. It was not made in England until the 19th century, and so is not considered an English lace.


The basic Torchon ground stitch is CT.CT

Torchon styles aslo feature Double Torchon Ground (CTCT.CTCT) and Rose Ground instead of simple Torchon ground.

Torchon lace is a continuous lace, with the ground and the pattern made at the same time. Torchon pieces are very geometric, with features such a diamonds, bars, or zig-zags in cloth stitch or half stitch.


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