Sewings are a bobbin lace technique used to join two pieces of lace, or two edges of the same piece of lace, together. Once piece of lace is finished, and the other is in the process of being worked.

Sewings are used in tape lace to join tapes together when they cross, to join strips into a larger piece, and to join the beginning and end of an edging or mat.

Sewing are achieved by use of an additional tool. One may use a small crochet hook, a needlepin, a lazy suzan, or in a pinch, a needle threader. When a large number of sewings are anticipated, such as in Honiton lace, use of a Honiton bobbin or other non-spangled type is preferred.

To perform a sewing, lay the completed piece of lace adjacent to the piece of lace currently being made. Push a crochet hook, lazy suzan, or other tool through a pinhole on edge of the completed piece, and catch a thread from the closest pair of bobbins on the working piece. Pull the thread through the pinhole to make a loop, and then pass that thread's bobbin through the loop. Pull tight, allowing the loop to close. Twist the pair, and then continue working until you reach the next pinhole that needs to be connected.